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11 Mildly Crazy Ice Cream Flavours Rated

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Crazy ice cream: We made it. We ate it. We rated it.

Almost everyone loves ice cream, but how far would you be willing to take this love? Everyone has a limit to what they think is an acceptable flavour. For us , we draw the line at some of those bizarre ice cream flavours available overseas – beef tongue ice cream for example. It’s wrong on so many levels. Grass ice cream is another that doesn’t sound too crash hot.

We wanted to test out some “mildly crazy” ice cream flavours (that didn’t include meat) you wouldn’t find in your local supermarket. So we got a group of five ice cream lovers into one room and conducted a tasting session. There was some serious scooping going on, luckily we’d recently written an article called the ultimate ice cream scoop guide so we had the right tool for the job!

Here’s what we discovered.

Coriander and Lime Ice Cream#1 Coriander and Lime Ice Cream

Lets start the list off with coriander and lime ice cream which is a light, zesty ice cream with a subtle hint of coriander. It’s the kind of ice cream that’s perfect for a hot summers day or if you’re running short on ingredients but have some herbs in the garden and a few spare limes.

coriander sucks mugThere’s a problem with this flavour. Let’s get straight to the point – coriander f*cking sucks. Well, that’s what a lot of people think including 3 out of our 5 taste testers, and that’s why this flavour scored poorly. If you enjoy coriander, you’d probably love this ice cream.

Rating: 5/10

tumeric ice cream

#2 Turmeric Ice Cream

Turmeric is commonly used in Indian cooking and has a bitter, pungent flavour. Due to its bright yellow colour it excellent for creating really colourful dishes. Although commonly used in savoury meals, turmeric worked well as an ice cream ingredient too. To make a litre of ice cream, we only added 2 teaspoons of turmeric. Adding honey helped balance the flavours and kept the naysayers of our tasting group mildly happy.

Rating: 6/10

Olive oil ice cream

#3 Olive Oil Ice Cream

The initial thought of this dessert was mildly sickening for some reason. Oil is used in many areas of cooking but isn’t commonly used as the predominant flavour in a dish – especially in an ice cream. We were pleasantly surprised at how good the ice cream tasted. If you’re going to make this one at home we strongly recommend buying good quality oil. The flavour has nowhere to hide so it needs to be good.

Rating: 8/10

Miso Ice Cream

#4 Miso Caramel Ice Cream

Miso is a commonly used ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is made from fermented soy beans and salt. It’s really popular here in Australia; but does it work in an ice cream? We certainly didn’t hate it, but it probably wouldn’t be our first choice of flavour. We included caramel as an add-in and that really helped.

For anyone that decides to to make this at home you’ll be faced with choosing between two types of miso. Use white as it is milder and slightly sweeter that the red option.

Rating: 7/10

corn ice cream

#5 Corn Ice Cream

Corn is awesome: a healthy vegetable that works in so many recipes. As a main ingredient in ice cream we weren’t sold on the idea. It wasn’t that bad, but compared to some of the other flavours we tested this was probably our least enjoyed variation closely followed by coriander and lime. A better idea would be to use the corn to make popcorn and make a salted caramel popcorn ice cream.

Rating: 5/10

Goats Cheese and Honey Ice Cream#6 Goats Cheese and Honey Ice Cream

The great thing about goat cheese is that it creates a super-creamy ice cream with a slight tang which is really good. You need a small mortgage to buy goat cheese here in Melbourne so keep that in mind if you decide to make this one at home.

goat cheese is the perfect ingredient for ice creamNot sure where to get hold of some quality goat cheese? Check out the Holy Goat range to source top quality cheese and support our local producers.

Pairing this ice cream with fig jam or roasted figs would create a fantastic ice cream.

Rating: 8/10

bacon ice cream

#7 Bacon Ice Cream

This was one of our top 3 ice cream flavours tested. Bacon was all the rage a couple of years ago and for good reason – it works in so many recipes and can make an average meal awesome.

In this case, the saltiness of the bacon worked so well with a creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream base. The bacon was frilled first with honey for added deliciousness.

Rating: 9/10

Five spice ice cream#8 Five spice ice cream

This ice cream added cinnamon sticks, star anise, nutmeg and ground cloves. All fairly stock standard spices. The fifth ingredient was a little more controversial: pepper sichuan – commonly used in meat dishes. This spice is made from berries that have a warm peppery fragrance, with citrus notes. The aftertaste provides a slightly numbing sensation on the tongue.

I enjoyed this ice cream but the rest of the crew weren’t impressed. We scored the ice cream accordingly.

Rating: 5/10

Feijoa Ice Cream

#9 Feijoa Ice Cream

Feijoas are a fruit with a soft, dark green skin and a sweet, slightly granular interior. The taste is a mix of apple and pineapple – only a really soft version. They’re common in South America and also New Zealand. In Australia they cost a fortune as they seem to be a lot less common.

Feijoas make a fantastic ice cream, perfect on its own or scooped on top of your favourite pie for dessert.

Rating: 8/10

chilli mezcal ice cream

#10 Chilli Mezcal Ice Cream

Another ice cream in our list with a bit of heat in it. This was our favourite ice cream tested and we’ll send it out to our Scoop Club members at some stage. Chocolate and Mezcal pair together amazingly well and the subtle heat from the chilli is the icing on the cake – along with a bottle of Mezcal.

Rating: 10/10


beer ice cream

#11 Beer Ice Cream

Another winning ice cream, this black beer ice cream had the goods. It won’t be everyone’s favourite – if you don’t enjoy beer then you won’t like this. But for all you beer lovers, this combines two of the greatest things in life: beer and ice cream. A magical combination that should be more commonly available.

Rating: 9/10

Have you tried any of these flavours? Leave a message with your feedback below. If there’s any flavours you really like the look of let us know and we’ll try to include in one of our upcoming ice cream.

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    I had coriander soft serve in Macau and it was the best! It’s absolutely delicious. Shame I can’t find it anywhere in Melbourne to buy as I don’t have an ice cream maker.

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