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Announcing our September Ice Cream Flavours

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This is what we’ll be delivering to our Scoop Club members in September.

Ice Cream #1

Our first flavour for September is Coffee Frenzy. As the name suggests, it’s a pretty intense coffee burst with delicious fudge chunks added. The ice cream base is especially creamy and there’s no shortage of fudge to keep the excitement happening.

Featured Supplier:

The fudge in this ice cream is a treat. It’s produced by local Victorian business Dairylicious Farm Fudge. Based in the little town of Timboon VIC, they use only the best ingredients locally sourced from Australian producers.

Ice Cream #2

Our second ice cream is Nutty Mud Busta. We started with a milk chocolate ice cream then stuffed it full of mud cake pieces. To provide some relief from the yummy sweet ice cream and mudcake, we added a sprinkling of salted peanuts for balance.

We used our own special mud cake recipe that’s super rich and fudgey.

Featured Supplier

We use this supplier for most of our ice cream recipes. It’s St David Dairy, a Fitzroy based producer. We like their business philosophy and they also stock some really good quality dairy produce! We’ll be featuring these guys in our next Supplier Spotlight.

If you like the sound of these flavours, check out our blog for some of the other recent flavours we’ve been making. Here’s our August flavours. We deliver two new flavours each month to our members here in Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

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