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South Melbourne’s Top 10 Ice Cream Spots

We took one for the team and tasted a stack load of ice cream in South Melbourne.

South Melbourne Ice Cream Montage

Our love affair with ice cream is real, so we took to the streets to visit every ice cream store we could in one day. It seemed like a good idea at the time but by the end we were really paying for it – both financially and health wise.

A few of the stores we listed are a bit outside South Melbourne but we included them anyway; it’s just a short drive (tram ride) and well worth the effort to get to them. We decided to list our top 10 and avoid mentioning the extra ones we didn’t like. Being an ice cream manufacturer ourselves, we didn’t want to sound like we were singling out our competitors. What do you think of our list? Any others we have missed?

Where is the best ice cream in the South Melbourne area?

Ok, here is what we chose. We hope you like them! They are not in any special order.

Fritz Gelato South Melbourne

Fritz Gelato South Melbourne

1. Fritz Gelato

Fritz Gelato has stores dotted all over Melbourne and offer a large range of flavours. Their gelato is free from any artificial additives and flavours and has won a fair few awards from food shows around Australia.

We visited the shop in the South Melbourne Market and loved the big selection of flavours. They’re in the food court so you can do some shopping, go for lunch then finish your visit with ice cream.


Shop 11, South Melbourne Market
Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Jock's Ice Cream Scooped

Scooping Ice Cream at Jock’s

2. Jock’s Ice Cream and Sorbets

Jock's Mint Choc Chip Ice CreamJock’s is located on Victoria St in Albert Park and has been hand making ice cream since 2001. Visit this store for a range of ice cream and sorbet that uses natural ingredients and taste yum.

The mint choc chip is almost white in colour – that’s a good sign that natural mint has been used. Once you see a bright green mint ice cream… run for the hills.


83 Victoria Ave, Albert Park

Scoop Club Ice Cream Melbourne

Scoop Club’s Latest Ice Cream Flavour – Sweet San Jose.

3. Scoop Club

You didn’t think we’d leave Scoop Club out of the mix did you?

Scoop Club are the new kid on the block in 2017 and are creating a lot of interest by offering something a little different. Scoop Club offers a subscription service – join up to receive two inspired new flavours each month, delivered to your door in South Melbourne (and all of Melbourne’s other inner suburbs).

We create delicious ice cream like salted caramel with candied cashews in small batches. We use local Victorian ingredients whenever it’s possible. We add suppliers that do a good job to our resources page and shine the light on them.


Currently only selling subscriptions online (no shop front)


Bibelot South Melbourne

Bibelot South Melbourne

4. Bibelot

Bibelot is a fancy looking shop which offers artisinal ice cream, pastries, coffee, chocolate and a great selection of coffee table books. Features like plush emerald green seating and an opulent interior allows the ice cream lover to dine in uber comfortable surrounds.

The priority in Bibelot seems to be their delicious looking cakes – these take up the lions share of the counter space. They have a small selection of ice cream flavours but the ones they do have a well worth your time.

They’re a very short walk to Clarendon St or the South Melbourne Market if you want to fit in a session of shopping as well.


285-287 Coventry Street,
South Melbourne

Gelato Sensation Albert Park

Gelato Sensation Albert Park

5. Gelato Sensation

A small batch maker of gelato using natural ingredients with no artificial flavours or additives. We’ve been a fan of this ice cream shop for a while now so had to include them in our top 10 list. Sadly they were shut on the Friday that we visited them so couldn’t do a taste test. Luckily Jock’s ice cream was the next block down Victoria Street so the trip wasn’t wasted.


185 Victoria Avenue,
Albert Park

6. Ayomo

Ayomo South Melbourne
For those into the healthy way of eating this is a good option as they offer a range of healthy juices and raw food snacks like cacao balls as an alternative to their soft serve. Of course, you could simply get the best of both worlds and order both.


226 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne

A selection of ice cream at Calatrava Southbank

Calatrava Southbank

7. Calatrava

Enjoy a delicious scoop of gelato, overlooking the Yarra River, at Southbank. This shop has a nice range of gelato as well as delicious cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats. Calatrava is located within the Crown promenade.


Food Court, Crown Melbourne
8 Whiteman Street, Southbank

Ice Cream at Cold Rock Docklands

Cold Rock Docklands

8. Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Choose it. Mix it. Smash it. Love it. Cold Rock Ice Creamery, has over 90 stores and has been in operation since 1996. Choose your ice cream flavours, then add in all your favourite extras and watch the staff smush it into one delicious serve of ice cream. A popular venue with the kids.


G7 Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
101 Watefront Way, Docklands

9. Mammoth Ice Cream

Mammoth bring lucky Melbourne ice cream lovers their product on a bike. Being mobile allows them to show up at parks, festivals as well and weddings and other parties. They have a big range of ice cream flavours to choose from – and each day bring you four of them on their bike.

Being a mobile ice cream bike, we didn’t get a chance to try their ice cream; however we know people that have tasted it and gave a big thumbs up. We had to include these guys – who can say no to ice cream from a bike!


South Melbourne based but serving up ice cream all over Melbourne.

Blu Spoon Port Melbourne

Blu Spoon Port Melbourne

10. Blu Spoon

Blu Spoon Sour Cherry Ice Cream

Sour cherry Ice Cream

Blu Spoon are a Greek yoghurt bar based in Port Melbourne. They are a mix of traditional Greek tradition and locally sourced ingredients. They offer frozen yoghurt as well as a smallish selection of ice cream flavours. We ordered the sour cherry ice cream and were really impressed. The cherries were divine and we’re inspired to offer some kind of cherry ice cream using freshly picked fruit next summer.


175 Bay Street
Port Melbourne

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