Nate Teague
Nate at Lorne, VIC.

Hello and welcome to Scoop Club (previously called Creamish). I’m a NZ-born Australian creating ice cream recipes and reviewing ice cream tubs in the beautiful city of Melbourne. I love testing equipment and other stuff to help you make the right buying decision.

Back in 2015 I discovered the fun of making homemade ice cream. Since then, I’ve become obsessed with frozen desserts. Jump on board if you want to know more about ice cream.

Should you trust my advice?

There’s a lot shonky, plagiarised, and AI-created advice on the internet. So do I have the experience and expertise to help you out?

While you’re not interested in my life story, here’s a 20-second rundown of my journey so far:

  1. I’ve spent many years in the head office at Coles Supermarkets in Hawthorn East. This company provided a wealth of knowledge about retail products, buying, and product development. I learned why brands make it into supermarkets and how they get positioned on certain shelves.
  2. After Coles, I worked at Fonterra, one of the world’s biggest dairy companies. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about dairy products including ice cream. I worked with some very smart people (much smarter than me) on NPD project teams. We developed new dairy products for our global customers.
  3. I finally made the leap to start a website in 2015, which was dedicated to ice cream. Mashing up corporate experience with years of ice cream making has helped me become a trusted source in the world of ice cream.