A pack shot of the Woolworths Vanilla Ice Cream 2L.

Review Of Woolworths Vanilla Ice Cream 2L

Cheap tubs of ice cream are popular with those on a budget and for feeding a lot of people. Their ingredient lists don’t usually make for good reading, but does this result in bad-tasting ice cream?

This review looks at whether a 2-litre tub of Woolworths Vanilla Ice Cream is worth its place in your freezer.

What’s in the tub?

Woolworths Vanilla 2L is an economy tub with approximately 40% less milk fat than regular ice cream. It competes with other budget-friendly, reduced-fat products like the two-litre containers of Coles and Peters Original ice cream.

A scoop of Woolworths Vanilla Ice Cream resting on the top of the container.
A look at what’s in the tub.

Is this ice cream any good?

The two-litre tub of Woolworths Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream is a no-frills, basic ice cream. While it won’t match the premium taste of more expensive brands, it has a pleasant, mild flavour and soft texture.

This is the perfect option for kids and adults who don’t want too much punchy vanilla flavour. It’s excellent served with other desserts or topped with sauces and sprinkles.

From taste tests, I found the Woolworths product had a flavour and consistency similar to the Coles Vanilla 2L. However, it was a little icier and lacked the smoothness of Peters Original Vanilla. 

Note: This product varies by state. Mine was from Victoria.

Top down photo of Woolworths Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream.
It’s a little less smooth and creamy than Peters Original.

What did other consumers think?

I looked at 100 positive 5-star reviews to see what people liked about this product. Then, I summarised the bottom 100 reviewers to find out what’s not so hot. Here’s what they think:

The good

Customers frequently compare it favourably to more expensive brands, noting its pleasing texture and vanilla flavour. It is often praised as the perfect addition to thick shakes, iced drinks, and other sweets.

Many reviews highlight its affordable price, making it a frequent addition to family shopping lists and a hit with children. Its big pack size is also mentioned as a positive.

The bad

Some reviewers found the ice cream to be less creamy and thick than they preferred, with several describing it as watery or lacking in flavour.

Reviewers occasionally mentioned an artificial taste or a lack of vanilla flavour. They noted it was only good covered with toppings or added to shakes.

A bowl with scoops of WOW vanilla ice cream 2L.
Some find the ice cream sub-par.

What are some similar products to try?

Coles Vanilla 2L: The same container size and price, it competes head-on with the Woolworths product. They’re similar in flavour, texture, and ingredients. Read a review of Coles Vanilla Ice Cream 2L here.

Woolworths Vanilla Bean 1L: If you love Woolworths products, then try a more indulgent option with more vanilla flavour. It’ll set you back roughly double though.

Peters Original Vanilla 2L: A little more expensive but I enjoyed it more. The ice cream is much whiter, with an airier, smoother texture. Check out my review of the Peters Original Vanilla here.

Bulla Vanilla 2L: Costs a bit more for the same size pack but you get fresh milk as the main ingredient rather than water.

Bulla Creamy Classics Vanilla 2L: A superior quality ice cream with an ingredient list that looks much more like ice cream. If you can wait for this product to go on promotion, pick it up for roughly the same price as the Woolworths tub.

Macro shot of a pack of Woolworths Vanilla 2L.
It’s similar to the Coles equivalent.


  • Reasonable flavour and texture.
  • Great for mixing into shakes and smothering with toppings.
  • An affordable frozen dessert kids will enjoy.
  • Less fat than most brands.
  • Australian-made with mostly local ingredients.


  • The main ingredients are water and sugar.
Closeup of an ice cream scoop with Woolworths Vanilla RF Ice Cream.
Most kids love a scoop of this.


The main ingredients in this ice cream are water and sugar. The dairy comprises cream and milk solids.

Ingredient list: Water, Liquid Sugar (Sugar, Water), Cream (Milk), Milk Solids, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier (471), Thickener (Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan), Natural Flavour, Natural Colour (Carotene).

Milk fat

Milk fat impacts ice cream consistency. Higher levels result in a creamier, smoother mouthfeel.

The Woolworths range has 6% milk fat, meaning the product can’t be labelled ice cream on the front of pack. In comparison, Peters Original has 4%, while Connoisseur Classic Vanilla has 10%.

A bowl of Woolworths Van Ice Cream with the container in the background.
It’s got 6% milk fat.

Nutrition Information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. This product has 4.4g of saturated fat per 100g and 21.2g of sugar.

Number of servings: 20
Serving size: 47g

 Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100ml
Fat, Total3.0g6.4g
Dietary Fibre

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