A pack of Peters Original Rainbow Ice Cream on a kitchen bench.

Review Of Peters Original Rainbow 2L

Peters Rainbow 2L sits in the economy tub section of supermarket freezers. It’s a low-cost ice cream targeted towards kids, perfect for celebrations or the occasional treat.

This review helps you decide if it’s worth buying for the kids (or yourself).

Holding a container of Peters Original Rainbow 2L with a kitchen in the background.
A closer look at the packaging.

Is the ice cream any good?

Peters Original Rainbow is a frozen dessert that won’t provide the delicious smooth creaminess of regular ice cream. However, it’s still a decent product that tastes great and is easy to scoop. It’s also affordable, costing much less than most premium brands.

The pink, green and yellow swirls are bright and fun. Perfect for drawing in children πŸ™‚

There are also no artificial colours, which parents will appreciate.

Top down photo of a scoop of Peters Original Rainbow Ice Cream resting on the top of the tub.
Bright ice cream attracts children like moths to a light.

The biggest problem with Peters Rainbow is the taste. It looks so bright and colourful you expect the flavours to match. Maybe some fruity flavours? But instead, the whole tub is vanilla. It’s a letdown.

Peters whips a lot of air into this ice cream to keep costs down. This process creates a light, airy, foamy texture. It’s much less dense and indulgent than products like Haagen-Dazs, but most kids won’t notice the difference.

A bowl full of Peters Original Rainbow with the container in the background.
The ice cream is vanilla flavoured.


  • Great for kids’ parties and celebrations.
  • An affordable frozen dessert most will enjoy.
  • Less fat than regular ice cream.
  • Australian-made.


  • The main ingredient is water.
  • The flavour doesn’t match the colour.
Bird's eye shot of a bowl of Peters Original Rainbow.
Water is the main ingredient.

What are some similar products to try?

While there are no competing ice creams, other good kids’ tubs include Peters Original Banana Split or Blue Ribbon Neapolitan

What do customers think?

After reading all the online customer reviews for Peters Rainbow, I created a summary of what they thought:

Peters Rainbow Ice Cream has received a diverse range of reviews.

A lot of reviewers gave positive feedback. They praised the ice cream for its creamy texture and enjoyable taste.

Many highlighted its appeal to children, with some using it as a reward for good behaviour. The ice cream’s nostalgia and value for money were given a big thumbs up.

Some customers expressed disappointment. Despite its fun appearance, they thought it lacked the expected burst of flavour.

Closeup of a scoop of Peters Original Rainbow showing the bright pink, yellow, and green colours.
Some reviewers wanted different flavours than vanilla.


The main ingredient in this ice cream is water. The dairy includes reconstituted skim milk, milk solids, and cream or butter.

Ingredient list: Water, Dairy Ingredients (Reconstituted Skim Milk, Milk Solids), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil and or Cream/Butter (Milk), Maltodextrin, Vegetable Origin Emulsifiers [477, 471], Vegetable Gum (412), Flavour, Colours (120, 162, 100, 141).

Milk fat

Milk fat impacts ice cream consistency. Higher levels result in a creamier, smoother mouthfeel. The Peters range has less than 10% milk fat, which means the product can’t be called ice cream.

Top down image of an unscooped tub of Peters Original Rainbow.
A look at the unscooped tub.

Nutrition Information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. This product has 5.9g of saturated fat per 100g and 22.7g of sugar.

Number of servings: 20
Serving size: 46g

Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100ml
Fat, Total3.0g6.4g
Dietary Fibre––

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