A container of Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla Ice Cream 1.8L on the kitchen bench.

Review Of Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla 1.8L

Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla 1.8L sits in the family tub section of supermarket freezers. It’s a low-cost ice cream that will appeal to consumers looking to reduce fat in their diet.

This review looks at Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla Ice Cream to help you decide if it’s worth the money.

Holding a tub of Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla 1.8L.
A look at the packaging.

What’s in the pack?

Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla is a French-style low fat vanilla ice cream with a subtle caramel flavour. It’s got the same ingredients and nutritional label as the Classic Vanilla pack in this range.

Is the ice cream any good?

Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla is an appealing choice for consumers that want less fat in their dessert. It has a creamy, smooth taste despite being 97% fat-free.

The flavour is mild, making it attractive to a broad audience. Its texture is airy and foamy, meaning it scoops effortlessly. It is also slow to melt after being taken out of the freezer.

A scoop of Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla resting on the top of the container.
It’s slow to melt once resting at room temperature.

Every ice cream has its weaknesses. This budget-friendly ice cream doesn’t match the flavour and texture of pricier brands. It misses the rich, creamy consistency that only comes from having higher milk fat.

Light & Creamy French Vanilla offers excellent value for money. A sizeable 1.8L tub makes it ideal for families who love ice cream and prefer reduced fat products.


  • Very creamy for low fat ice cream.
  • Less than 100 calories per serve.
  • Australian-made.


  • A lot of air is churned into this product.
  • Its texture is no match for higher-priced ice cream.
Macro image of the French Van Ice Cream by Light & Creamy.
A close look at the ice cream.

What’s the difference between Light & Creamy French Vanilla and Classic Vanilla?

Very little. The ingredient lists and nutrition info are the same on each pack. They also look identical. The French vanilla pack says it has a “subtle caramel flavour”, which isn’t in the classic vanilla tub. Most people will struggle to taste the difference.

A top down comparison of L&C Classic and French Vanilla ice creams.
There is no difference in colour.

What other flavours are available in this range?

A bowl of Peters Light & Creamy French Vanilla Frozen Dessert 1.8L.
There are four variants in the Light & Creamy range.

What are some similar products to try?

Here are some tasty alternatives if this product isn’t available or you want to try something similar.

Streets Blue Ribbon Light Vanilla 2L: A larger container of ice cream made with buttermilk. Review of Blue Ribbon Light Vanilla>

Peters Light & Creamy Classic Vanilla 1.8L: Very similar flavour and the same texture to the Classic variant. If you can’t get your hands on French Vanilla, substitute it with this one, and most won’t tell the difference.

Peters No Sugar Added Vanilla 1.8L: If you want less sugar and fat in your diet, this product replaces uses an artificial sweetener. Read my Peters No Sugar Added Review>

Top down photo of a bowl of Peters Light & Creamy French Van.
It’s similar to Peters Classic Vanilla.

What do customers think?

After reading all the online customer reviews for Light & Creamy French Vanilla, I created a summary of what they thought:

The ice cream receives consistent praise for its creamy texture and rich vanilla flavour. Reviewers highlight its luxurious taste, comparing it to full fat ice cream.

Some thinks it’s a good option for occasional indulgence, even those with dietary restrictions.

They think it offers excellent value, especially when on special. It is a popular choice in larger households.


The main ingredients in this ice cream are reconstituted low fat milk and glucose syrup. Milk solids and cream are also added to dial up the creaminess.

Ingredient list: Reconstituted Low Fat Milk (63%), Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Milk Solids, Water, Butter (Milk) or Cream (Milk), Maltodextrin, Vegetable Origin Emulsifiers [477, 471 (Soy)], Vegetable Gum (412), Flavours (Milk), Colour (160b).

Milk fat

Milk fat impacts ice cream consistency. Higher levels result in a creamier, smoother mouthfeel. The Peters range is 97% fat free, with 2.3% milk fat.

More expensive brands have much higher milk fat levels. For example, Haagen-Dazs Light Vanilla has 16%.

Did you know? Ice cream products sold in Australia with less than 10% milk fat can’t label the front of pack “ice cream”.

A partly eaten pack of L&C French Vanilla.
Peters L&C has 2.3% milk fat.

Nutrition Information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. This product has 1.8g of saturated fat per 100g and 20.3g of sugar. That’s lower than most regular ice cream brands.

Number of servings: 18
Serving size: 46g

Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100ml
Fat, Total1.3g2.7g
Dietary Fibre

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