choc brownie ice cream sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Ice Cream Sandwich StackTake the humble ice cream sandwich to a new level.

Combine decadent, fudgey brownies with fresh strawberry ice cream to create the ultimate dessert.

Step 1: Make the Brownies

The reason this dessert works so well is that brownies are ideal for freezing. Unlike so many other ice cream ingredients, like chocolate chips or chunks of fruit, that turn into bullets when frozen, this doesn’t happen to brownies. They maintain their chewy texture beautifully in the freezer. Feel free to adjust the thickness of the brownie to your preference. Some love it thick, some prefer them thin – whatever your preference, it’s all good.

Step 2: Churn your ice cream

My favourite ice cream for these sandwiches is this strawberry flavour┬ámade using fresh strawberries. Of course, you can always just buy a tub from the shop if you’re short on time.

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