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Top 5 Spiced Ice Cream Recipes

Adding spices to ice cream doesn’t always seem appealing. At an ice cream shop you’re usually hit with a big selection of traditional flavours like chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, mint choc chip.

But some of us crave something a little different. These are five delicious spice ice creams that are must-try desserts.

Top 5 Spice Ice Cream Recipes

Take it easy on the spice quantities to avoid overwhelming the dessert. But keep in mind that when ice cream is frozen the flavour won’t be quite as strong.

1. Cinnamon


Cinnamon works very well in a lot of sweet desserts including pumpkin pie. It also imparts a sweet, woody flavour in ice cream that’s incredible.

Cinnamon pairs with pears well so add some roasted pear to your ice cream as it finishes churning.

If you are feeling adventurous try this recipe that also includes turmeric: www.scoopclub.com.au/tumeric-and-cinnamon-ice-cream-recipe.

2. Lavender


Technically speaking, this is a herb but I wanted to include it in this article. It’s a controversial flavour which a lot of people don’t enjoy.

There are also plenty of chefs who love using lavender in their cooking. It was used in Masterchef Australia 2017 as an ice cream ingredient and that was successful. Don’t overdo it.

Make a lavender ice cream using this recipe: www.scoopclub.com.au/lavender-ice-cream.

 3. Vanilla Bean

vanilla bean

To make ice cream with vanilla bean, you simply scrape out the tiny dark brown seeds inside the pod. Infuse with your dairy base overnight to get a fuller flavour.

Get a delicious vanilla bean recipe here: www.scoopclub.com.au/vanilla-ice-cream-recipe.

4. Star Anise

star anise

This spice has a dominant licorice aroma and is commonly found ground into a powder.

Use the whole cloves of star anise. Get them in the spice section of most supermarkets.

You can easily just drop them into the ice cream custard base. Allow the anise to work add flavour overnight before churning the ice cream the next day.

Get a spicy ice cream recipe which includes star anise here: www.scoopclub.com.au/5-spice-ice-cream.

5. Chocolate

cacoa beanCacao is one of the best ways to spice up ice cream. If you feeling creative, add some chilli as you make the base, then strain it out before churning.

For a wonderful creamy chocolate ice cream consider this recipe: https://www.scoopclub.com.au/chocolate-ice-cream-recipe

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  1. When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was dump a ton of ground cinnamon into vanilla (hard) ice cream, and stir until it had the consistency of soft-serve. I always wondered why nobody offered something similar commercially, and here you’ve blogged about it 🙂

    1. Hi Dee, I wish commercial brands of ice cream would get a little more creative with their flavours. Some ice cream shops here in Australia are great at pushing boundaries but the supermarket brands play it too safe. It’s never ending rows of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry… zzzzzz.

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