World Records for Ice Cream

Ice Cream World Records

Check out some of these amazing ice cream world records that are currently held around the globe. Feeling motivated? Why not try to beat one?

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that my interest in ice cream is borderline obsessive compulsive. If I added up all the ice cream I make in a couple of weeks I think one of these ice cream records could be at risk of being beaten. Well, maybe not. Have you taken a look at the records below – that’s a crazy amount of ice cream!

Ice cream world records infographic.

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Ice Cream World Records Infographic

World record 1

Have you ever seen those instagram pics where they’ve scooped loads of ice cream onto a single cone. Some are out of control but they’ve got nothing on Ashrita Furman who holds the record for 123 scoops of ice cream on one cone.

World record 2

The largest scoop of ice cream is 1365 kilograms. Picture this: combine 650 tubs of 2L ice cream into one scoop. You might need some help to eat that one.

World record 3

The longest ice cream dessert ever made is 1105 metres long. That’s the length of over 20 swimming pools lined up.

World record 4

The largest ice cream sculpture is 925kg which is the weight of 3 small horses.

World record 5

The fastest time to make a litre of ice cream is 10.34 seconds. For the record, it takes me longer to put on my apron.

World record 6

The largest ice cream sundae was 4.45 metres long.

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