ice cream cake recipe

Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Learn how to create this impressive ice cream cake. It’s perfect for a big celebration and super easy to make.

This cake combines cake and ice cream. You can make an ice cream cake ahead of time and leave it in the freezer until it’s game time. Then, remove the ice cream cake about 15 minutes before serving.

To make this cake you’ll need

  • a deep cake tin so that you can stack the layers of cake inside it
  • 2 cake mixes of your choice
  • 2L of your favourite ice cream

How to make an ice cream cake

To make things easy, simply buy two cake mixes from the store. Bake the cakes by following the packet instructions and allow them to cool completely.

Use the exact same sized tin for each cake or else your cakes won’t match.

Slice the top off each cake so that they look nice and flat and will stack well.

Take each cake and add skewers at exactly the half way point – like in the picture. These will act as a guide and allow you to cut the cakes evenly in half.

It’s best to cut 1-2 inches into the cake all the way around first then slowly cut through the center.

Take you time cutting to get it as neat as possible.

Place some baking paper in one of your tins. If you have an acetate sheet us this so that the outside of the cake comes out of the tin clean. You can see in the pic below how I’ve added a sheet to the tin.

Now add a layer of cake to the tin.

Add a layer of ice cream of your choice.

Add the next layer of cake then more ice cream. Repeat these steps until the top layer of cake has been added.

Here’s the ice cream cake almost completed. You can leave it without any topping or add a delicious italian meringue for a bit more pizazz.

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