Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Everyone I know loves an ice cream sandwich made at home. They’re fresher and tastier than the ones you can buy in a packet at the supermarket. They also look a lot better! Making the ice cream as well as the biscuits can be a challenge when you’re living a busy life. So these easy ice cream sandwiches are the perfect compromise. Quick to make but better that the store ones.

What ice cream did I use?

You can use any flavour but for these sandwiches I used my favourite ice cream recipes; they always work and can be made fast: chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream.

What biscuits did I use?

I have trialed many different types of biscuits and many types work well. It’s better to go for a thinner biscuit though, because two thick biscuits as well as ice cream can be a challenge to finish eating. My choice was Coles 100s and 1000s biscuits and stem ginger biscuits.


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