Why are eggs used in ice cream

Why Are Eggs Used In Ice Cream?

Have you ever noticed how some ice cream will turn into a runny mess within seconds on a warm day? Others will maintain their shape for what seems like forever! When making homemade ice cream, a major reason for this is the use of a magical ingredient, egg yolk.

What role does the egg yolk play in ice cream?

Goat Cheese and Honey Ice CreamStabiliser – By adding yolks you extend the shelf life of your ice cream in the freezer as it inhibits thawing.
Emulsifier – The lecithin in egg yolk creates a really rich, creamy textured ice cream.
Flavour – They add a rich, custard like taste; another depth of flavour that can work very well with some flavours such as a rich dark chocolate variant.
Colour – Yolks add a yellow colour to your desserts which may or may not be to your liking.

Are eggs necessary to make ice cream?

Absolutely not. I’ve published a nice ice cream recipe that doesn’t use egg yolks. It’s a really versatile ice cream that allows you to add a wide range of flavours without compromising the end taste. Egg yolks have a distinct flavour that really doesn’t go well with every addin, such as some types of fruit.

However, if you enjoy the richness of ice cream, a great way to achieve this is by using egg yolks.

How many eggs should I use to make ice cream?

If you decide to create your own ice cream without following a recipe, you’ll be faced with the decision of how many egg yolks to use. There isn’t really any magic formula for helping you decide. It will often come down to personal preference. In general, use between 2-8 eggs in your recipe. Less (or no) yolks are perfect if you intend eating the ice cream within a day or two of making it. That’s usually the case for me.

Using less yolks allows the other ingredients to shine through. On the other hand, if you like your ice cream to last in the freezer, and you’re a big fan of rich, creamy textured ice cream then use up to 8 eggs. It’s best to experiment to find what works best for you.

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  1. Hi Nate
    I stumbled across your web site in pursuit of perfecting my ice cream.
    I’m starting a business making Hand Made Vegetable Ice Cream, without a machine, except for a blender.
    I’ve literally made well over 1,500 / 85 ml cups in my experimentation !
    My base ingredients are :
    Evaporated Milk, Lemon Juice, Raw Sugar, Cream, Olive Oil, Vanilla Bean Extract, Egg Yolks !
    + 2 uncooked Veggies with each flavor.
    I’ve 6 flavors : ‘Tango’ – Celery/Fennel, ‘European’ – Brown Onion/Garlic, Peasley – Green Peas/Parsley, ‘Cravings’ – Red Chilli/Pickles, ‘Radzucci’ – Radish/Zucchini, ‘Vanilla’ – Egg Whites.
    I’m struggling at times getting the creaminess & softness perfect.
    If you wish you can check my facebook page, I haven’t started the business yet & the page is under construction ‘YUCK Ice cream’.
    I’m not sure what your experience is, but if you can see anything at all that would help me perfecting the texture it would be enormously helpful to me ?
    Thank you.

      1. G’day Nate
        I added skim milk powder as you suggested to my Veggie Ice cream, So far It’s not hard any more ! I think It’s done the trick ! However, It’s effected the texture & now have to get it creamier & softer, I’m going to try ramping up the olive oil amount & see if that works ?
        I’m curious to know what difference an ice cream machine makes, from what I’ve read they freeze while churning, BUT if I manage to get my ice cream soft & creamy without a machine (just a blender), what difference would a machine make ?
        Thanks for your help.
        Jimmy Dioguardi
        YUCK Ice cream.

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