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Review Of Sara Lee Heavenly Strawberries And Cream Ice Cream 1L

Sara Lee is a classic Australian brand loved for its cheesecakes and other baked desserts. So, when I saw their range of ice cream tubs in the freezer, I couldn’t resist buying them all.

This review looks at Sara Lee Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream 1L. Find out how it stacks up against rivals and whether it’s worth a place in your freezer.

Holding a tub of Sara Lee Heavenly Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream.
A tub of Sara Lee, ready to test.

Is the ice cream any good?

Sara Lee Strawberries and Cream is an excellent tub of ice cream. The flavour is one of the best, combining a deliciously creamy base with sweet berries.

Its dense and slightly chewy texture is really enjoyable – something you’d expect from more expensive ice creams sold in store.

Products like Haagen-Dazs contain a lot of milk and cream, contributing to their premium flavour and texture. However, they give the ice cream a stronger dairy flavour. This Sara Lee tub will appeal to anyone wanting a neutral-tasting ice cream that lets the fruity flavour shine through.

Closeup of a scoop of Sara Lee Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream.
There’s plenty of strawberry in this pack.

The container has a decent amount of strawberries, which become a little hard and icy once frozen. Sara Lee has tried to solve this by chopping the strawberries into small pieces, but the fruit still cuts back on the smoothness of the dessert.

Top down photo showing the texture of Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream by Sara Lee.
Berries always add some iciness to the frozen dessert.


  • The creamy ice cream and strawberries are a delicious combo.
  • Easy to find in most supermarket freezers.
  • Australian made.


  • The strawberries are a little icy.
  • Long ingredients label.
  • A lot of air churned into the tub.
A bowl of strawberry cream ice cream with the container in the background.
It’s hard to work out the primary ingredients in this tub.

Are there better alternatives for the money?

A range of other strawberry ice creams are sold in supermarket freezers around the country. Here are some alternative options:

Bulla Murray St Strawberries and Cream 1L: This is a good option if you prefer less berry sauce — an excellent product with fresh milk, cream, and free-range egg yolks.

Haagen-Dazs Strawberries & Cream 1L: A more expensive brand containing extra dairy and strawberries. Its short ingredients list makes it a stand-out option if money is no object.

Connoisseur Camarosa Strawberry 1L: An ice cream containing 4.5% Camarosa Strawberries. There is less air in this ice cream compared to Sara Lee’s, giving it a denser consistency.

Comparison pricing of some popular Strawberries and Cream ice creams:

Haagen-Dazs Strawberries and Cream 1L$2.95
Bulla Murray St Ice Creamery Strawberries and Cream 1L$1.20
Connoisseur Camarosa Strawberry 1L$1.20
Sara Lee Strawberries & Cream 1L$1.20
Bird's eye image of a bowl of strawberry ice cream.
The product competes with other premium brands.


This tub’s dairy ingredients include cream and/or butter, milk solids, and skim milk concentrate.

  • 10% of the ice cream is cream.
  • 11% of the ice cream is strawberries.

Ingredients list: Dairy Ingredients (Cream (Milk) (10%) and/or Butter (Milk), Milk Solids, Skim Milk Concentrate), Strawberry Sauce [Strawberries, Sugar, Water, Thickener (1442), Natural Flavours, Mineral Salt (Calcium Chloride), Natural Colour (Carmine), Acidity Regulators (Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid)], Water, Sugar, Butter (Milk), Emulsifier (Vegetable – 471), Vegetable Gums (Carob Bean, Guar, Carrageenan), Natural Colour (Carmine).

Comparison of milk fat by brand

Milk fat is a signal of better mouthfeel and creaminess. With 13% milk fat, Sara Lee compares to most other premium products in Aussie supermarkets.

BrandMilk fat
Haagen-Dazs Strawberries and Cream16%
Connoisseur Classic Camarosa Strawberry13.5%
Sara Lee Strawberries & Cream13%
Murray St Ice Creamery Strawberries and Cream12%

Nutrition information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. Sara Lee Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream has 5.2g of saturated fat per 100g and 24.4g of sugar.

Servings per package: 10
Serving size: 60g

An unscooped container of Sara Lee Heavenly Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream 1L.
A look at the unscooped product.

Nutrition table

 Quantity per ServingQuantity per 100g
Fat, Total6.3g10.5g

Is Sara Lee or Connoisseur strawberries and cream the best?

Each one-litre container offers excellent-tasting ice cream at roughly the same price. They have similar milk fat percentages and amounts of strawberry. However, Sara Lee whips more air into their ice cream. That means you’ll get a denser, more premium product in Connoisseur.

What other flavours are available in the Sara Lee range?

Sara Lee has a small range of ice cream compared to brands like Connoisseur, Bulla, and Haagen-Dazs. Their flavours include:

A white bowl containing Sara Lee Strawberry Ice Cream.
The Sara Lee ice cream range is limited, but has all the classics.

About the manufacturer

Sara Lee has become a household name in Australia since its establishment in Lisarow, New South Wales, in 1971.

Renowned for its commitment to quality, Sara Lee crafts various delicious desserts. These range from frozen cheesecakes and pies to crumbles and ice cream.

The company prides itself on adhering to traditional recipes while infusing a modern twist in its offerings.

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