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Announcing our September Ice Cream Flavours

This is what we'll be delivering to our Scoop Club members in September. Ice Cream #1 Our first flavour for September is Coffee Frenzy. As the name suggests, it's a pretty intense coffee burst with delicious fudge chunks added. The ice cream base is especially creamy and there's no shortage of fudge to keep the excitement [...]

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Say Hello to our August Ice Cream Flavours

Here's a run-down on our August ice cream flavours. Ice Cream #1 Our first ice cream is Sweet San Jose. We started with a dark, creamy chocolate ice cream made from Haigh's dark chocolate. This chocolate is made from Costa Rican cocoa beans and offers a rich chocolate flavour complimented with the subtle taste of [...]

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11 Mildly Crazy Ice Cream Flavours Rated

Crazy ice cream: We made it. We ate it. We rated it. Almost everyone loves ice cream, but how far would you be willing to take this love? Everyone has a limit to what they think is an acceptable flavour. For us , we draw the line at some of those bizarre ice cream flavours available [...]

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Introducing July’s Ice Cream Flavours

Craft Ice Cream using premium local ingredients. Delivered in Melbourne. Ice Cream #1 Our first ice cream for July delivery is Crazy Carmel. This is a flavour combination made in heaven. A salted caramel ice cream base with ribbons of even more caramel and candied cashews. Featured supplier: We used Honest to Goodness organic cashews which [...]

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How Ceres Helps Us Make Super Premium Ice Cream

Making the best ice cream in Melbourne begins with the best ingredients. It's hard to beat Ceres for that.This week I visited Ceres, in Northcote, to search of some in-season produce that could be transformed into ice cream. Scoop Club loves Ceres - they grow their own vegetables and fruit as well as selling produce from [...]

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Welcome to Scoop Club

Thanks for visiting our website. We make craft ice cream and delivering it to local homes in Melbourne's inner suburbs. Scoop Club creates two new ice cream flavours each month for its members. What sets us apart from the rest? There are plenty of ice cream brands on the supermarket shelf. Add to that the huge [...]

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