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Review Of Ben & Jerry’s PB Over The Top Ice Cream 458ml

Ben & Jerry’s is an iconic ice cream brand loved for its imaginative range of flavours. Their pints usually include a lot of extra chunks and swirls to keep things exciting.

I taste-tested the entire range to work out if they live up to the hype. This review looks at Ben & Jerry’s Topped PB Over The Top 458ml. Find out if it’s worth a spot in your freezer.

Holding a pack of Ben & Jerry's Topped PB Over the Top Ice Cream.
A close look at the packaging.

Is B&J PB Over The Top any good?

Ben & Jerry’s PB Over The Top Ice Cream is a chocolate lover’s delight, blending rich chocolate ice cream with indulgent peanut butter swirls and cups.

Unlike the crackly compound chocolate found in some ice cream brands, PB Over The Top features a smoother, more decadent chocolatey ganache topping that is nice and soft.

Vertical photo of a scoop of PB Topped Over the Top 458ml.
There’s a lot of peanut cups!

While adding mini and regular-sized peanut butter cups aims to enhance the experience, their large size makes them hard to eat. Some may find them a distraction to the ice cream. All the add-ins make scooping tricky too.

Chocolate takes centre stage in this frozen dessert, overshadowing the peanut butter to some extent. However, the salty punch of the peanut butter does an excellent job of balancing the sweetness of the chocolate ice cream.

Although the ingredient mix is appealing, the peanut butter swirl is hard to detect.


  • Indulgent, rich chocolate ice cream.
  • Lots of ganache on top.
  • One small tub lasts longer than you’d expect.


  • Minimal peanut swirl.
  • Some will find the peanut cups distracting.
  • Expensive for the pack size.
  • Not made in Australia.
A bowl of B&J's PB Over the Top with the container in the background.
A look at all the peanut cups and ganache.

What do other customers think of this ice cream?

I looked at hundreds of online reviews to see what others think of this product. Here’s a summary:

PB Over the Top receives mixed reviews. Many praise the peanut butter and chocolate flavour combination, highlighting the inclusion of peanut butter cups and the richness of the chocolate.

Many customers also love the topped chocolate ganache layer and the abundance of peanut butter cups.

However, reviewers think there should be more peanut butter swirls throughout the ice cream. They also mention issues with the texture of the ganache topping and the ice cream itself.

Holding an open pack of Ben & Jerry's Topped PB Over the Top.
There is a lot of choc ice cream under the ganache.

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What are some alternatives?

If you’re interested in other nutty ice cream brands, consider these:

Connoisseur Laneway Sweets Crunchy Peanut Butter 1L: Indulgent peanut butter ice cream with diced roasted peanuts, caramel-flavoured ice cream and chocolate-coated peanuts swirled together with Murray River Salted Caramel syrup.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate 473ml: Peanut butter chocolate ice cream with Reese’s peanut butter and peanut butter cups.

Woolworths Peanut Butter Cup Raspberry Ripple 473ml: If you love fruity ice creams, try this one with raspberry ripple and peanut butter cups. This pack has 7% peanut butter cups, perfect for anyone wanting more ice cream in their dessert.

Harry’s Chocolate Peanut Butter & Fudge 475ml: Premium chocolate peanut butter and fudge ice cream.

An unscooped container of Ben & Jerry's Topped PB Over the Top Ice Cream with the lid off.
There are several peanut butter ice cream brands in Australia.


Cream and concentrated skim milk are the primary dairy ingredients for making this ice cream. The tub contains 8% peanut butter swirls, 10% peanut butter cups, and 10% chocolate ganache topping.

Ingredients List: Cream (milk), liquid sugar (sugar, water), concentrated skim milk, water, peanut, oils (soy, coconut, peanut), sugar, cocoa powder (5%), raw sugar, egg yolk, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), thickeners (guar gum, carrageenan), vanilla extract.

A bowl of PB Over the Top ice cream.
28% of the pint is mix-ins and toppings.

Milk fat

Milk fat plays a vital role in ice cream’s texture and mouthfeel. More of it results in a creamier, smoother texture associated with superior ice cream.

Unfortunately, B&J doesn’t disclose the milk fat percentage in their products. I reached out to the company to get this information, but they responded with:

“We cannot give you the exact amount, but it is greater than 10%, meaning it is ice cream under the Australian and New Zealand regulations (Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 2.5.6). We hope this information is helpful.”

Closeup of a scoop of Ben & Jerry's PB Over the Top.
There is at least 10% milk fat.

Nutrition information

Frozen desserts aren’t good for you, so eat them in moderation. This Ben & Jerry’s pint has 10.5g of saturated fat per 100g and 23.9g of sugar.

Servings per package: 4
Serving size: 100g

Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100ml
Fat, Total22.1g22.2g
Dietary Fibre
Top down unscooped pint of BJ PB Over the Top.

About the manufacturer

Ben & Jerry’s is an American company known for its innovative, chunk-filled ice cream flavours. It was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

The brand has built a reputation for its commitment to social causes and environmental sustainability.

Ben & Jerry’s operates as a subsidiary of Unilever following its acquisition in 2000.

B&J is recognised for its creative flavour names and focus on using fair trade-certified ingredients and cage-free eggs. It maintains a global presence, selling products in over 35 countries.

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