A tub of Murray Street Ice Cream Vanilla and Boysenberry on a kitchen bench

Review Of Murray Street Ice Creamery’s Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream

Australia’s ice cream landscape is continually diversifying with new brands and flavours. Curious about Murray Street Creamery’s Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream? Let’s find out how it tastes and if it’s worth the money.

A selection of Murray Street ice cream tubs frozen
The range, ready to be eaten.

Quick overview

Murray Street Ice Creamery’s Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl is a premium ice cream found in supermarkets all over Australia. Produced by Bulla, this variant is one of six flavours in their one-litre range.

Given its price point, Murray Street Ice Creamery sits in the premium category, competing with brands like Connoisseur. But it’s a more budget-friendly alternative than ultra-premium names like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs.

Bulla describes these tubs as their “creamiest premiumest” ice cream. The packaging is a one-litre tub featuring a simple, retro-style design.

The opened container of vanilla and boysenberry ice cream.
Just a faint hint of boysenberry swirl when the tub is opened.

Is it any good?

Murray St Ice Creamery Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl is an excellent ice cream. The delicious combination of creamy, not-too-sweet vanilla ice cream with a swirl of boysenberry is yummo.

Fresh milk and rich cream contribute to a base with a notably creamy consistency. On the palate, its smooth and velvety mouthfeel is exceptional.

A tub of Murray St Vanilla and Boysenberry ice cream with a scoop missing.
A closer look at the ice cream.

Incorporating free-range egg yolks lends an undeniable richness to the ice cream. It provides a texture you won’t get from most cheaper brands.

There are tasty ribbons of boysenberry swirls running through the container. While the amounts aren’t massive, they are a good quantity to avoid sweetness overload.

The boysenberry ripple contains tiny seeds, so it’s a little gritty. If you don’t enjoy that texture, choose another variant from the Murray St Creamery range.

  • An excellent choice for those who enjoy fruit ice creams.
  • At 1 litre, it’s more affordable than top-tier brands like Haagen-Dazs.
  • It’s a treat for anyone who loves rich ice cream.
  • For families, there are cheaper kid-friendly options.
A closeup photograph of a scoop full of Bulla Murray Street Ice Cream.
It scoops easily.

Are there better alternatives for the money?

Consider the options below if you want other boysenberry ice cream alternatives. They’re all readily available in selected major supermarkets around Australia.

1. Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Vanilla & Boysenberry 2l

From the same company that makes Murray Street comes Bulla Cream Classics. It’s basically the same product, only much cheaper.

If you go with the Creamy Classic option, you’ll get 1.5% boysenberries instead of the 2% from Murray St. Both products have 9% of the ice cream made up of sauce.

The higher-priced tub has a little extra fresh dairy and boasts the inclusion of egg yolks. So, you’ll find Murray St a little creamier and smoother.

Bulla Creamy Classics is a better option if price is a factor.

2. Much Moore Awesome Boysenberry Ice Cream Tub 2l

If getting maximum boysenberry swirl is your goal, consider a 2L tub of Much Moore Awesome Boysenberry Ice Cream. It contains double the fruit ripple offered by Murray St, and 4.5% of the total ingredients are Nelson boysenberries.

It’s much cheaper than both Bulla options above, but you’ll sacrifice ice cream quality. The main ingredient is milk solids, instead of fresh milk and cream.

The Much Moore ice cream also has stracciatella chocolate flakes, a tasty match for boysenberries.

While Murray St Creamery’s Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream contains 12% milk fat, Much Moore has 10%.

What other flavours are available in the Murray Street range?

Flavour options vary depending on the country, but you’ll find the following additional products in Australian stores:

  1. Chocolate and Fudge Ripple.
  2. Vanilla Bean.
  3. Caramel Swirl and Shortbread Pieces.
  4. Strawberries and Cream.
  5. Honey and Salted Caramel Peanut.
A bowl of freshly picked boysenberries.
Boysenberries are delicious in ice cream.


Murray Street Ice Cream boasts a composition of 23% local cream and milk. This differentiates it from cheaper brands that often dilute theirs with water, reconstituted skim milk, and other less appealing ingredients.

While its creamy texture is unmistakable, I’d love to see more clarity on the company’s ingredient sourcing. Where are the boysenberries grown? Why not track what farms the dairy comes from, shining the spotlight on their good work?

Ingredients list: Fresh milk, fresh cream (milk) (23%), sugar, water, milk solids, boysenberries (2%), dextrose, thickeners (pectin, xanthan gum, guar gum, carrageenan), egg yolk, acidity regulators (331, citric acid), emulsifier (471), flavours, caramelised sugar, purple carrot juice, blackcurrant juice, mineral salt (509), natural colour (lutein).

Milk fat

Milk fat is pivotal in improving ice cream, offering a silky-smooth texture. Murray St Creamery’s Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream has a 12% milk fat content. This is much higher than budget ice cream brands that may only contain 4%.

A small spoonful of boysenberry vanilla ice cream made by Murray St Creamery.

Nutrition information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. Murray St. Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream has 7.7g of saturated fat per 100g and 23.8g of sugar.

Servings per package: 10
Serving size: 71g

Nutrition table

 Quantity per ServingQuantity per 100g
Fat, Total8.1g11.4g
Dietary Fibre

Comparison of competing products

 Saturated fat/100gSugar/100g
Murray St. Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream 1L5.4g23.8g
Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Vanilla & Boysenberry 2L6.5g22.2g
Cremorne Creamery Boysenberry Swirl 1L7.4g25.2g
Much Moore Vanilla and Boysenberry Swirl Ice Cream 2L7.8g24.4g


  • Luxurious ice cream with an excellent combo of ice cream and swirl.
  • Balanced flavour profile that is moderately sweet.
  • Proudly made in Australia using fresh milk, cream, and eggs.


  • Priced on the higher side.
  • Not everyone likes gritty boysenberry seeds in their desserts.
  • Could be more transparent about ingredient sourcing.
A vertical closeup of Murray St Vanilla Boysenberry Ice Cream on a kitchen countertop.
The pack sitting on a my kitchen countertop.

About the manufacturer

The Murray Street Ice Creamery brand offers premium ice cream products throughout Australia and internationally.

This brand falls under the umbrella of Bulla, an iconic Australian food manufacturer that has been crafting ice cream since 1929. Its production site is located on the main street of Colac, Victoria.

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