A container of Monarc Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream sitting on the kitchen bench.

Review Of Monarc Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream 2L

Aldi offers a selection of upscale one-litre packs in the Indulge Range. They also sell the more budget-friendly Monarc Silver Scoop line, consisting of two-litre containers.

I purchased the entire range to find out if it deserves a place in your freezer. This review looks at Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream.

It’s an economy pack with at least 25% less fat than regular ice cream. 94% of the tub is chocolate ice cream, and 6% is dark choc chips.

A range of Silver Scoop tubs with the Choc Chip variant at the front.
Some of the Silver Scoop range.

Is this ice cream any good?

Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream is a no-frills, basic ice cream. It has a mild chocolatey flavour that kids will enjoy.

Choc chip ice cream has fallen out of favour in Australia. Chips lose their flavour and harden once frozen, unlike chocolate sauces or stracciatella. I found the Silver Scoop choc chips suffered the same fate – relatively flavourless.

This tub of Silver Scoop wasn’t as smooth or creamy as its closest competition, Bulla Creamy Classics. However, it is significantly cheaper, so Silver Scoop may be a cost-saving option if you’re looking to slash the food budget.

Closeup of a scoop of Monarc Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream sitting on the tub.
It’s a good cost-saving option.

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Why is Monarc Silver Scoop so cheap?

You may wonder why a sizeable two-litre pack of silver Scoop costs less than smaller containers like Connoisseur and Murray Street.

Using cheaper ingredients helps, but a big reason is the amount of air churned into the ice cream. Premium brands incorporate less air, providing a denser, more indulgent consistency. Cheaper brands like Silver Scoop whip in extra air, which results in a lighter, foamier texture.

A bowl of Silver Scoop Choc Chip with the pack in the background.
This ice cream has a lot of air churned into it.

What are the best alternatives?

Here are some tasty alternatives if you don’t have an Aldi nearby or want to try a different brand. The options are limited in Australia:

Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip 2L: This product has the same pack size and percentage of choc chips. However, Bulla uses superior ingredients, resulting in a better-tasting ice cream. Check out my Creamy Classics Choc Chip Review here.

Valhalla Chocolate Choc Chip 120ml: A nice option if you prefer roughly half the choc chips. It’s a Tassie-made ice cream and relatively difficult to find in supermarkets.

Denada Low Carb Milk Chocolate Chip 475ml: A low-carb option free from artificial flavours and unrefined sugars.

Top down photo of bowl of Monarc Choc Chip Ice Cream.
There aren’t many brands that make choc chip ice cream.


  • An affordable frozen dessert.
  • 25% less fat than regular ice cream.
  • Australian made.


  • The choc chips are a little flavourless.
  • The product contains palm oil.
Partly eaten pack of Monarc Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream with the scoop on the top.
A closer look at the frozen dessert’s texture.


The main ingredients in this ice cream are water, milk solids, and cream.

  • Reduced-fat chocolate ice cream makes up 94% of the container.
  • 7% of the ice cream is cream.
  • 6% of the pack is dark choc chips.

Ingredient list: Water, Sugar, Milk Solids, Cream (7%) (Milk), Glucose Syrup, Alkalised Cocoa Powder (3.8%), Maltodextrin, Palm Oil,  Emulsifiers (471, 322 (Soy)), Stabilisers (412, 466, 407a), Flavours.

Milk fat

Milk fat impacts ice cream consistency. Higher levels result in a creamier, smoother mouthfeel.

Monarc Silver Scoop Choc Chip 2L is a reduced-fat brand. It has 3% milk fat, which means the product can’t label the front of the pack as “ice cream”.

Holding a pack of Monarc Silver Scoop Choc Chip Ice Cream 2L.
It’s got 3% milk fat.

Nutrition Information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. This product has 4.2g of saturated fat per 100g and 26.6g of sugar.

Number of servings: 20
Serving size: 49g

 Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100ml
Fat, Total2.7g5.5g
Dietary Fibre

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