A tub of Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream on a kitchen bench.

Review Of Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream 2L

The Creamy Classics range is a family favourite in Australia. But does that mean every flavour in this selection tastes good?

This review looks at Bulla Choc Chip Ice Cream, revealing its good and bad features. Let’s find out if this tub is worth a spot in your freezer.

Is Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream any good?

Creamy Classics Choc Chip is an excellent mid-range ice cream that will appeal to value seekers. The tub offers excellent bang for buck, providing a large pack size for a reasonable price.

The chocolate flavour isn’t too strong and is likely to appeal to a wide age group. Kids and adults will enjoy its creamy, chocolately flavour.

A closeup of a scoop of Bulla Choc Chip Ice Cream 2L.
A close look at the ice cream.

Choc chips make up 6% of the container, which I think is plenty. They’re very small, which means the chocolate doesn’t turn rock hard once frozen. However, they’re flavourless and make the texture slightly grainy.

Choc chips aside, the ice cream’s texture is good. While it may not have the indulgent, rich feel of more expensive tubs, it still makes great dessert.

A bowl of Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream.
The product offers excellent value for money.

Creamy Classics Choc Chip is one of the best options if you’re after quantity and quality. This is a no-brainer when it’s on sale at 50% off.


  • Excellent creamy, chocolately ice cream at an affordable price.
  • Australian family-owned and made.
  • Made with fresh Australian milk and cream.


  • The choc chips are a little flavourless.
  • A lot of air is churned into the tub.
A scoop of Creamy Classics Chocolate Choc Chip resting on the container.
It’s creamy and chocolately.

What other flavours are available in the Bulla Creamy Classics range?

You’ll find the following additional products in Australian stores:

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  2. Creamy Classics Neapolitan Review.
  3. Creamy Classics Mint Choc Chip Review.
  4. Creamy Classics Vanilla and Boysenberries Review.
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A partly scooped tub of Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream.
A look inside the tub of choc chip ice cream.

What do other consumers think of Creamy Classics Choc Chip?

I looked at hundreds of consumer reviews online to see what they thought of this Bulla product. Here’s the consensus:

The good

Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream receives mostly positive reviews. The common theme is the appreciation for its rich, creamy texture and delicious flavour.

Many reviewers praise the quality of ingredients and highlight the delicious balance of chocolate flavour that’s not too sweet.

Chocolate chips add a welcome crunch and make the ice cream a favourite among families and a popular choice for birthdays.

Several reviews note this ice cream is perfect on its own or scooped onto waffle cones or chocolate brownies.

The bad

Creamy Classics Choc Chip also received some mixed reviews, although these were few and far between. Several reviewers found the flavour too rich or overly sweet. One specifically mentioning a preference for Bulla cookies and cream over this one.

Another review suggested that while the ice cream is nice, it lacks the quality creaminess of other brands. A few reviewers noted that they would prefer larger chocolate chips for better texture.

Holding a scoop of Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream with a blurred background in the background.
There are few alternatives to this product.

What are some alternatives?

Supermarkets have minimal options when choosing alternative choc chop chip ice cream tubs.

Valhalla Chocolate Choc Chip 120ml: A nice option if you prefer roughly half the choc chips. It’s a Tassie-made ice cream and relatively difficult to find in supermarkets.

Denada Low Carb Ice Cream Milk Chocolate Chip 475ml: A low-carb option free from artificial flavours and unrefined sugars.

Bird's eye image of Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream.
The Creamy Classics range has a good selection of the classics.

Why is it cheaper than premium brands?

With the use of quality ingredients and a large pack, you may wonder why Bulla the Creamy Classics range costs less than smaller tubs of ice cream like Connoisseur and Haagen-Dazs.

While various factors are at play, a big reason is the amount of air that gets whipped into the ice cream. Premium brands churn in less air, giving it a denser, more indulgent consistency. One way cheaper brands reduce costs is by increasing the air content.


The Bulla Creamy Classics range uses fresh, locally sourced dairy in Australia. The primary ingredients are milk and cream, providing a creamier, more premium product. Cheaper alternatives usually include more water, reconstituted skim milk, and other low-cost ingredients.

  • 18% of the ice cream is fresh cream.
  • 6% of the ice cream is compound choc chips.

Ingredients list: Fresh Milk, Fresh Cream (Milk) (18%), Sugar, Water, Milk Solids, Cocoa Solids (3.5%), Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Thickeners (Guar Gum, Carrageenan), Flavours.

Holding a container of Choc Chip Ice Cream by Bulla.
The main ingredients are milk and cream.

Milk fat

Milk fat plays a vital role in ice cream’s texture and mouthfeel. More of it results in a creamier, smoother texture associated with superior ice cream.

Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream contains 10% milk fat. That’s higher than most family-pack ice creams like Peters or Blue Ribbon Streets but lower than more expensive offerings like Murray Street or Haagen-Dazs.

An unscooped container of chocolate chip ice cream 2L, Creamy Classics.
It has 10% milk fat.

Nutrition information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. Bulla Creamy Classics Choc Chip Ice Cream has 8.5g of saturated fat per 100g and 21.5g of sugar.

Servings per package: 20
Serving size: 49g

Nutrition table

 Quantity Per ServingQuantity Per 100ml
Fat, Total5.8g11.8g
Dietary fibre0.05g0.1g

About the manufacturer

The Cream Classics brand is owned by Bulla, an Australian company that has been making ice cream since 1929. The factory where this ice cream is made is on the main street in Colac, Victoria.

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