A tub of Elato Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte Ice Cream on the kitchen bench.

Review Of Elato Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte Ice Cream 475ml

Elato is a relative newcomer to Australian ice cream freezers, founded in 2018. The brand has made a decent splash, getting shelf space in major supermarkets and filling its trophy cabinet with awards.

I got my hands on the entire range to help decide if it’s worth a place in your freezer. This review looks at the Elato Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte 475ml tub.

Holding a tub of Elato Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte Ice Cream with the rest of the range in the background.
The pastel packaging is minimal and easy to read.

Is Elato Cafe Latte Ice Cream any good?

Elato Cafe Latte Ice Cream is an excellent pint jam-packed with punchy flavour. Coffee lovers will appreciate the deep, cold brew coffee taste from dark roasted coffee beans infused overnight.

The ice cream is creamy and indulgent, thanks to the winning combination of milk, cream, and eggs. The simple ingredient list lets the dairy and coffee flavour stand out.

Aside from flavour, this tub has a lot to like. It has earth-conscious packaging, sustainable ingredients, supports OzHarvest, and has less added sugar. Eating Elato, you can’t help but feel like a superhero wearing a cape.

A scoop of Elato Cafe Latte Ice Cream sitting on the top of the tub.
There is a lot to like about this brand.

No ice cream is perfect, though. The Elato tub’s coffee flavour might overwhelm those who prefer milder tastes. There are better flavours in the ice cream freezer for most kids.

Its dense consistency lacks airiness, which makes scooping a challenge. Not a deal-breaker, but you’ll struggle to get perfect scoops on a cone.

Overall, Elato is an enjoyable ice cream that’s hard to fault. Eat it straight from the container, scoop it alongside desserts, or add it to drinks.

What other flavours are available in the Elato range?

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  2. Elato Fig Ripple Review.
  3. Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle Review.
A row of Elato ice cream tubs on a benchtop.
The Elato range.



  • Expensive for the pack size.
  • Not as scoopable as other super premium brands.
  • The flavour will be too intense for some.
A bowl of Elato Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte with the pack in the background.
It’s not the most scoopable ice cream.

What are some alternative brands?

Connoisseur Cafe Grande 1L: A coffee ice cream with chocolate coated almonds and swirls of Grand Marnier Sauce running through the container.

Woolworths Cafe Latte & Biscuits 473ml: Café Latte ice cream with the addition of biscuit pieces.

Gelativo Gelato Coffee 1L: Like Elato, this is a good choice if you want coffee ice cream without anything extra mixed in.

Denada Vegan Sugar Free Espresso Choc Fudge 475ml: An option to consider if you’re looking for dairy free frozen dessert. It’s also low carb with no added sugar.

Top down photo of Elato Cold Brew Decaf Cafe Latte Ice Cream 475ml.
Australia has a good selection of coffee ice cream brands.


The main dairy components are milk and cream. Skim milk powder is also used to add structure and produce a creamier texture.

  • 26% of the ice cream is cream.
  • 10% of the ice cream is cold brew decaf coffee.

The use of decaf coffee sets Elato apart from most competing brands. It makes sense to cut the caffeine as most consumers eat ice cream in the evening for dessert.

Ingredients List: Milk, Cream (26%), Sugar, Single Origin Cold Brew Decaf Coffee (water, coffee)(10%), Skim Milk Powder, Free Range Egg Yolk, Prebiotic Fibre (inulin), Glucose powder (corn), Acacia Gum, Enzyme (lactase); Guar Gum, Carob bean Gum.

Bird's eye view of a partly eaten pack of Elato Coffee Ice Cream.
Milk and cream are the main ingredients.

Milk fat

Milk fat plays a vital role in ice cream’s texture and mouthfeel. More of it results in a creamier, smoother texture associated with superior ice cream.

This container of Elato has 11.7%, which puts it above most products sold in Aussie supermarkets. It’s much higher than brands like Peters and Blue Ribbon but lower than super premium tubs like Haagen-Dazs.

It’s got 11.7% milk fat.

Nutrition information

No ice cream is good for you, so eat it in moderation. Elato Cafe Latte Ice Cream has 8.0g of saturated fat per 100g and 16.8g of sugar. While there are brands that have less sugar in Australia, they can’t claim their product is ice cream. That’s what makes Elato unique.

Servings per package: 5
Serving size: 60g

Nutrition table

 Quantity per ServingQuantity per 100g
Fat, Total7.7g12.8g
Dietary Fibre1.8g3.1g

About the manufacturer

Elato is a relatively new Australian ice cream brand that started in 2018. It was founded by Roz Kaldor-Aroni, who combined a chemistry background with an extensive knowledge of ice cream making.

Roz’s goal was to create delicious ice cream suitable for pre-diabetics. She developed a patented technique, cutting sugar content while ensuring quality and taste.

Elato dedicates a portion of its profits to OzHarvest, aiming to combat hunger. The company isn’t just about producing delicious ice cream; it wants to make a positive social impact.

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