A tub of Elato Artisinal Vegan Gelato Dark Chocolate Truffle on the kitchen bench.

Review Of Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle Vegan Gelato 475ml

Compared to old-school brands like Blue Ribbon, Elato is a relative newcomer. The brand has made a good start, getting shelf space in major supermarkets around Australia.

I got my hands on the entire range to help decide if it’s worth a place in your freezer. This review looks at Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle Artisanal Vegan Gelato 475ml.

Holding a container of Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato.
This is the only vegan tub in the Elato range.

What’s in the container?

Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle is a plant-based chocolate gelato. It’s made using water and coconut cream, with the addition of Solomon’s Gold Chocolate. The top of the tub is dusted with cocoa powder like regular truffles are.

Is the tub any good?

Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle may not appeal to traditional ice cream lovers, but it’s a solid option for anyone who’s dairy free. With interest in the vegan lifestyle increasing yearly, it’s great to have more choices on Aussie shelves for the consumer.

This indulgent vegan chocolate gelato has a rich texture and deep chocolate flavour. The cocoa brings extra punchy choc taste that you won’t get from other brands.

A bowl of Elato Artisinal Vegan Gelato Dark Chocolate Truffle
There’s plenty of punchy chocolate flavour.

I love how Elato partners with suppliers that align with their vision. In this case, they’ve joined forces with Solomons Gold Chocolate. This company provides quality chocolate, with a portion of the profits used to support local Solomon Island growers.

Aside from flavour, this tub has a lot to like. It ticks many boxes, including earth-conscious packaging, sustainable ingredients, support for OzHarvest, and less added sugar.

Top down bowl of Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato.
The brand supports various charities.

Were there any downsides to this gelato?

Elato should consider using a peel-off cover to protect the gelato, especially as cocoa is sprinkled over the surface. My tub had severe freezer burn, and the cocoa looked unpleasant.

Bird's eye photo of freezer burn on the surface of a tub of Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato.
A peelable seal under the lid would stop this.


  • Lots of chocolatey flavour.
  • A good alternative for vegans.
  • Made using Solomons Gold Chocolate.
  • Supporter of OzHarvest.
  • Australian made and owned.


  • Coconut flavour won’t appeal to some.
  • The pack needs a peel-off seal.
  • Expensive for the pack size.
A scoop of Elato Dark Chocolate Truffle sitting on the container.
The coconut flavour won’t be for everyone.

What other flavours are available in the Elato range?

What are some alternatives?

If you can’t find Elato in your town or you want a different fig ice cream brand, then consider either of these products:

Pana Organic Double Chocolate 950ml: A similar coconut-based vegan chocolate dessert with the addition of 6% choc chips. It costs slightly more than the Elato tub, but you’ll get double the ice cream.

Sanitarium So Good Chocolate Bliss 1L: Another dairy-free option that may appeal to those who don’t like coconut flavour.

Denada Double Choc 475ml: A dairy-based, frozen dessert that replaces sugar with xylitol. This could be an option if you want less sugar in your diet.

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolatey Love A-fair 465ml: A non-dairy frozen dessert with sea salt chocolate chunks, salted caramel chunks, and salted caramel swirl.

Macro shot of the frozen dessert's texture.
There’s stiff competition for dairy-free frozen desserts.


Water and coconut cream are the main ingredients used to make this frozen dessert.

Ingredients List: Water, Organic Coconut Cream, Sugar, Natural Unalkalised Cocoa (4%), Glucose Powder (corn), Solomon’s Gold Chocolate (100% cacao) (3%), Vegetable Oil – either canola or sunflower, Acacia Gum, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Sea Salt.

Milk fat

Milk fat plays a vital role in ice cream’s texture and mouthfeel. More of it results in a creamier, smoother texture associated with superior ice cream.

This container of Elato doesn’t display a milk fat percentage as it is plant-based and doesn’t contain any dairy products.

A partly eaten pack of Elato Dark Chocolate Gelato 475ml.
This product is dairy free.

Nutrition information

Few frozen desserts are good for you, so eat them in moderation. Elato Choc Truffle Gelato has 8.9g of saturated fat per 100g and 20.1g of sugar.

Servings per package: 5
Serving size: 60g

Nutrition table

 Quantity per ServingQuantity per 100g
Fat, Total7.1g11.8g
Dietary Fibre1.8g2.9g
Holding a pack of Elato Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle Gelato.
It’s got 20.1g of sugar per 100g.

About the manufacturer

Elato is a relatively new Australian ice cream brand that started in 2018. It was founded by Roz Kaldor-Aroni, who combined a chemistry background with an extensive knowledge of ice cream making.

Roz’s goal was to create delicious ice cream suitable for pre-diabetics. She developed a patented technique, cutting sugar content while ensuring quality and taste.

Elato dedicates a portion of its profits to OzHarvest, aiming to combat hunger. The company isn’t just about producing delicious ice cream; it wants to make a positive social impact.

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