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9 Best Winter Ice Cream Recipes

People love ice cream all year around. If you enjoy making your own, you may want to to know what are the best winter ice cream recipes?

Here is a list of some classics that take use ingredients easy to find in winter. I hope you find one that looks good.

Top Winter Ice Cream Recipes

1. Lemon Ice Cream

lemon ice cream

Lemon trees never seem to stop producing fruit.  However, they’re officially in season and readily available from June to August. This means you’ll easily have access to fresh lemons in the supermarket for a good price.

Lemons are amazing in ice cream because the sourness contrasts brilliantly with the ice cream’s sweetness.

Make lemon ice cream>

2. Blackberry Ice Cream


What? Blackberries in winter? Yes, you’ll have to avoid the fresh option unless you want to pay a truck load for them. Instead, go for the frozen berries at your local supermarket. They’re not quite as tasty as the fresh ones, but you’ll still love your ice cream.

Make blackberry ice cream> (replace the fresh berries with frozen ones if necessary)

3. Chocolate Ice Cream


It’s never a bad time to eat chocolate. Even in the depths of winter, chocolate doesn’t skyrocket in price.

To help deal with the dark winter days, why not create a super premium ice cream to put a smile on your face. Use premium cocoa and chocolate rather than the cheap stuff to take your ice cream to a new height.

Make chocolate ice cream>

4. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

hokey pokey

This flavour is perfect to take away the winter blues.

Use sugar, golden syrup and baking soda to create crunchy toffee pieces to add to vanilla ice cream. It’s a big hit in NZ for good reason!

Make hokey pokey ice cream>

5. Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream

mint choc chip

Mint is one of those ingredients that’s readily available all year around, even winter.

Forget the store bought version, make your own. When you taste fresh mint in ice cream for the first time you’ll never want to eat it any other way.

Make mint choc chip ice cream>

6. Orange Ice Cream


Add some colour to your winter with a bowl of orange ice cream.

Oranges can be found easily, even in the colder months and they’re usually a bargain.

Make orange ice cream>

7. Strawberry Ice Cream


It’s hard to beat the combination of strawberry and creamy vanilla ice cream. It’ll definitely add some happiness to your winter.

I find you can still source delicious fresh strawberries even through winter in Australia. They’re grown in the warmer parts of the country.

Make strawberry ice cream>

8. Vanilla Ice Cream


Classic vanilla is popular worldwide for good reason. It’s really good!

It’s vanilla season all year round in my life and winter sees me creating hot apple pies which are calling out for vanilla ice cream to be added.

Make vanilla ice cream>


9. Prune Ice Cream


Prunes are always in season at your local supermarket. That means prune ice cream is a good choice for winter.

The low water content in the prunes makes them an excellent candidate for ice cream. Less water means less icy ice cream!

Make prune ice cream>

I hope you enjoy my favourite winter ice cream recipes. If you decide to make one of these be sure to share it on social media.

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